The Purpose of Mining

For cryptocurrency networks to function securely, they require processing power. Millions of machines throughout the world support the world's most powerful blockchains. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, unlike conventional money, are created mathematically and held digitally. Miners are persons who willingly contribute their processing power to help safeguard the networks. Cryptocurrencies don't require a central authority or other so-called "middlemen" who make decisions regarding the system's future. They are, in effect, digital, borderless democracies in which miners vote for order and consensus using their processing power.

Mining Consensus

Securing the network through Mining

Burning real energy is the only way to avoid creating or corrupting money out of thin air. This is referred to as "Proof-Of-Work", which is the mining consensus created by Bitcoin. Other cryptocurrencies such as Chia uses "Proof-Of-Space-Time" which carries a green initative towards mining. Bitcoin is now the world's most secure computer network, and it's nearly impossible to break it! The reason lies in the use of hash power, which refers to the computing power provided by miners to the bitcoin network and other cryptocurrency networks. Mining activities are now largely run with specialized high-performance computers that are most efficiently set up in huge data centers because to the ecosystem's rapid growth.       


Miner's Incentive

Miners ensure the integrity of blockchains and are rewarded for their work, which is known as mining rewards. As miners, we process and verify the transactions of cryptocurrency ecosystems, as well as maintaining and securing their public transaction histories aka blockchains. The mining community is rewarded for participating this by earning transaction fees from the networks and freshly minted coins. It's a win-win situation for everyone to build a decentralized trusted ecosystem! You will receive a portion of this incentive when you begin mining with us.


Paving to a Decentralized Future

Miners keep the networks safe and the authority is decentralized by continually checking on each other to maintain the integrity of all cryptocurrency ecosystems. This promotes both healthy growth and an equitable distribution of currency units among all crypto ecosystem stakeholders. 

Why Cloud Mining?

Mining Cost and Benefits Comparison Chart


Cloud Mining

Own Mining Machine

Mining Setup
Choose your desire plan and start mining
Choose and build your mining machines and setting up
We manage for you
Ownself manage
Setup Cost
Low cost and we ensure the latest hardware
High cost and required to upgrade frequently